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Tree Trimming Mission Viejo CA – Call for a Free On-Site Estimate

Attention Mission Viejo Residents! Don’t Call Another Tree Service Company Before You Read This or You’ll End Up Paying More Than You Should

How so, you might be wondering? It’s simple. Because starting a tree service business in Mission Viejo, California is easy and doesn’t require a lot of money a lot of people give it a try hoping to make a quick buck. Only if it was that simple to make it into the tree service business…

What these budding Mission Viejo tree service entrepreneurs do not know is that cutting and pruning trees and trimming bushes is the easy part.

Finding paying clients for their tree trimming and tree pruning services is hard. And to drum up some business they resort to slashing prices.

That should be good for the end consumer, right. I mean who wouldn’t love to pay less for tree trimming and pruning? Not so fast. The old saying that you get what you pay for holds true here.

You got them for cheap, sure, but most of these businesses that offer tree trimming services in Mission Viejo at dirt-cheap rates do not carry business insurance that would cover expenses in case of damage to you or your neighbor’s property during the tree trimming and pruning work.

And guess what happens when they cause damage to your property or hurt themselves while on the site? You will be the one responsible and on the hook to cover all damages. Sure you can sue them, but good luck with that.

How to Find a Reputable Tree Service Company in Mission Viejo

Luckily it’s not all gloom and doom. When looking for a tree service company in Mission Viejo, Ca to do your your trimming, pruning or stump removal, trust the seasoned tree service companies that have been there done that.

Choose the tree service companies that will not just offer you quality work that comes from years of expertise but peace of mind, too. It will save you from headaches and from potentially losing a lot of money.

Here are six questions to ask potential service providers:

1. Do you have business insurance?

2. Can I have a list of past and returning clients that I can call for reference?

3. Are you a member of any trade association?

4. Can you provide written estimates in detail?

5. Are you responsible for any damages you might incur to my or my neighbor’s home when you do the trimming?

6. Can you provide and commit to a timeframe for completing the project?

If they’ve answered yes to most of this, you are most likely dealing with a reliable tree trimming and pruning company in Mission Viejo, California.

Telltale Signs that You Need to Have Your Trees Trimmed

Well-maintained trees make your property look more appealing, not to mention increase its value.

Other than that trees that are free from loose branches or are kept at a good distance from power lines are a safe haven and it is important to consider these especially when you have active kids or pets at home.

Trimming trees regularly promotes their overall good health and results in stronger branches and verdant leaves.

When you prune your trees regularly, you help in their photosynthesis process. Moreover, you prevent the spread of diseases and fungus and you keep pests away.

Light pruning can be done anytime as long as you have the proper tools but whether you are envisioning something more visually appealing for your trees or you just don’t want an encounter with big, juicy spiders hiding beneath those thick leaves, seek help from the tree service experts in Mission Viejo, CA.

There is a different pruning time for every species of tree, some need more pruning and you’re lucky if your trees are low maintenance. But apart from these reasons, there are other circumstances that would require you to have the trees on your property in Mission Viejo, Ca trimmed.

You know you need to call the tree service experts in Mission Viejo, CA if you answered yes to any the questions below:

1. Have your trees gone close to power lines or block road views?

2. Are your trees already touching your roof or any part of you or your neighbor’s home?

3. Are you seeing dead or loosely hanging branches that might cause an accident anytime?

4. Has it been more than three years since you last got your trees trimmed?

5. Do your trees look unkempt, out of shape, or unappealing?

Should I Consider the Tree Service Pros of Mission Viejo?

A reliable tree trimming and pruning service provider in Mission Viejo, CA would be more than happy to answers your burning questions and guide you through the process. We at Mission Viejo Tree Services are ready to discuss your tree project anytime (tree trimming and pruning is just one of many tree-related services that we offer).

Mission Viejo Tree Trimming Cost

When you decide to call us for an initial consultation, we will not only discuss your trees state and what needs to be done but also what your end goal is and suggest a few ways to accomplish it (no one needs a tree trimming and pruning service, what they need is good looking and safe trees).

Over the phone, we can provide a free initial tree service estimate based on the details you will give us. If you think its reasonable, we will then schedule an on-site visit for a free detailed estimate. This way you’ll know the cost of the tree trimming and pruning project beforehand to budget properly.

What’s Next, Mission Viejo?

At Mission Viejo Tree Service Pros our goal is to deliver excellent tree service every single time. We are a family-owned tree service business that has been in the industry for more than three decades providing affordable tree services like tree trimming and tree pruning to residents of Mission Viejo, CA and the surrounding areas.

We are not a part of a franchise and don’t have a big back to hide behind if we screw up. For that reason we go above and beyond to make sure the job is done right – regardless of it is tree trimming or tree pruning.

And last but not least – all our tree services (trimming, pruning, tree and stump removal) come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee – that is you don’t pay is until you’re happy with the final result.

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